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What Does This Symbol Actually Mean?

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The International Symbol of Access, also known as the wheel chair symbol, is designed to show accessible facilities wherever you may be. Watch a video that explains the meaning behind this symbol and how it came to be.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have the class discuss where they might see the wheelchair symbol in the real world
  • Flip the lesson and have viewers watch the video and take the quiz outside of class saving class time for discussion and research
  • Play an icon or symbols memory game where you show the class different symbols and they match them to their brand or explain their meaning
Classroom Considerations
  • Best suited for middle or high school aged learners due to the facts and figures presented throughout the video
  • Presents a lot of statistics throughout the video
  • Along with the video, the link comes with discussion questions, a quiz to check for understanding, and links for further research
  • None