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What Happens When Your DNA Is Damaged?

This What Happens When Your DNA Is Damaged? instructional video also includes:

Did you know that your DNA can be damaged tens of thousands of times per day? Learn about the ways that damage to just one strand of your DNA can be fixed, or in extreme examples, result in genetic mutation such as cancer. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Set up a flipped classroom by assigning the video for kids to watch at home, to discuss in class, or by showing it in a separate computer lab section
  • Have kids fill out a K-W-L chart to reflect what they know, what they'd like to know, and what they learn from the video
  • Use the video in a unit about genetic mutations or cancer
Classroom Considerations
  • You will need to register with the website in order to fill out the assessment at the end of the video
  • It's difficult to return to the video once you reach the assessment; you'll need to load it again in a different tab
  • Video is short, explanatory, entertaining, and straightforward, making it accessible to all levels of learners
  • Comes with an assessment at the end of the video, as well as a reading passage
  • None