Lesson Plan

What is Density?

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Density: the reason a giant pumpkin will float, but a tiny cranberry won't. Lesson begins with a demonstration of two of the same-sized cubes having different densities. Then pupils take eight cubes, each of the same size, and have to find their mass and density. They use this knowledge to guess what molecule each is made from. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Extend the topic by having scholars discuss or write about when they would use density in an occupation or other facet of adult life
Classroom Considerations
  • You will need to project the online animation large enough for entire class to see
  • Depending on the number of learners in your class, you might need more than one set of density cubes
  • Groups of two are ideal but up to three would work
  • Lesson is the first in a six-part series
  • Utilizes a 5E lesson format
  • Provides a resource for purchasing density cubes
  • Includes discussion questions and ideal answers
  • None