What is IPM?

This What is IPM? handout & reference also includes:

Discover what a pest is and how to identify one with a lesson that looks closely at our outside world and taxonomy. Scholars investigate insects and plants to practice their identification skills, take a survey, and explore the profession of pest management. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Invite a local pest management employee to speak to the class 
  • Gather a collection of books about plants and insects for learners to browse when time permits 
  • Assign a research report focusing on a particular insect, group of insects, or plants
Classroom Considerations

  • Take classroom allergies into consideration prior to looking for live insects such as bees
  • The lesson is the first of four resources in a series designed to inform pupils about pests
  • Stress the importance of adult supervision when working with potentially dangerous living things

  • Lists multiple careers outdoor enthusiasts may enjoy 
  • Includes real-world images of insects and plants 
  • Highlights essential questions using bold font

  • None