What Is Respiratory Infection?

Give your youngsters a comprehensive introduction to the importance of washing hands and preventing the spread of germs in three activities, which include identifying what germs are, discovering where germs live, and practicing a variety of songs you can sing while washing your hands to ensure that you are spending enough time removing the germs.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Connect these lessons to a discussion of overall personal hygiene and the importance of being our best, cleanliest selves, especially when interacting with a community of people
Classroom Considerations
  • Review the key terms to determine whether they are appropriate for the age level of your pupils. For example, listing the specific names of germs may be too much for younger learners to comprehend, but emphasizing that there are a variety of germs in general would be valuable
  • Don't miss the other supplemental worksheets, such as word puzzles and a hand-cleaning game, that are provided by the publisher (see included materials)
  • Includes fun and informative coloring sheets
  • Organized instructional sequence
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