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What is Wind Power's Risk to Birds?

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How is risk determined? Through the use of a reading passage, individuals or groups learn about bird interactions with man made structures along with wind turbines. Pupils use information from the second reading passage to conduct an avian risk assessment for a wind farm. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have class members research another wind farm site for its risk to birds
  • Let learners discuss what an acceptable mortality rate would be for wind farms based upon other mortality rates
Classroom Considerations
  • The concept of bird deaths may be upsetting for some
  • Lesson 13 in a 19-part series
  • All necessary material is provided within the lesson plan
  • Wrap-up questions are provided to help the teacher bring closure to the lesson
  • The information provided is for a wind farm in New York which may not resonate with the class
  • The lesson is based upon reading passages alone