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What’s so Great about the Great Lakes?

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This What’s so Great about the Great Lakes? instructional video also includes:

How many states touch the Great Lakes? How much water is in them? How many lakes are there? Watch a video that dives into the greatness of the Great Lakes, exploring the different habitats and efforts to protect them.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Begin by pointing out the Great Lakes on a map
  • Flip the lesson and have pupils watch the video and take the quiz at home, saving class time for discussion and expansion on the topic
  • Put the class into five groups and have each group research and present information on the habitats, ecosystems, land regions, and geographic location of each of the five Great Lakes
Classroom Considerations
  • Best suited in a study of geographic features, landforms, or even ecosystems and habitats
  • The video visually explains the topics being discussed
  • The link comes with additional resources to research, a quiz to check for understanding, and discussion questions
  • None