Where Does Gold Come From?

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Your class will never believe that their gold jewelry originated in outer space, but it's true! Learn about the way Earth's gold supply originated in a supernova and became integrated with our planet's terrain with a short, informative video. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Bring into a chemistry class when discussing atmospheric elements, or to a social studies class before a lesson on the Gold Rush of 1849
  • Have class members watch the video a few times, noting different parts with each viewing (structure first, preliminary facts, details, etc)
  • Use the assessment as guiding questions for viewing 
Classroom Considerations

  • Assessment requires registration to the website
  • It's difficult to return to the video once you reach the assessment

  • Fun and educational at the same time; a great resource for learners of any level
  • Video moves quickly and is structured in a straightforward format
  • Includes an assessment after viewing, as well as an accompanying reading passage

  • None