Where on Earth Am I?

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Almost every phone has GPS installed, but a large number of teens don't know how the technology works. An initial activity illustrates how GPS determines a location on Earth. Scholars then apply trilateration procedures to a two-dimensional representation of Earth so that they can convert the signal travel times into distances and graphically construct the position. A second activity improves the accuracy of the position by interpolating geographically.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Research the Galileo satellite navigation system being built by Europe, which became operational at the end of 2016 and should be complete by 2020
  • Discuss the limitations of the American, Russian, and Chinese GPS systems
Classroom Considerations
  • Each scholar needs a compass (drawing tool) and knowledge of how to properly use it
  • Offers extension ideas for advanced scholars
  • Relates to technology pupils are familiar with
  • None
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