Where'd You Get All Those Dead Animals?

Why do zoologists collect animal specimens for research? And, how many animals is enough? Explore both sides of a current debate in the scientific community using a video that is part of a larger playlist on mammals. Topics include where specimen animals come from, why scientists keep so many animals, and what we learn about animal and human populations from the research.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use the video to spark a discussion about animal specimen collection and study
  • Extend the lesson by making copies of both arguments discussed in the video, then have pupils choose a side and write their own arguments
Classroom Considerations

  • Younger students may not be aware that museums contain animal collections, so go over this idea briefly before watching the video

  • The resource presents a clear, educated rebuttal to the claim that collecting animals for study is negatively impacting their populations
  • Examples used in the video are very relatable for school-aged viewers

  • None
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