Which Blades Are Best?

This Which Blades Are Best? lesson plan also includes:

If I change the length, will they work better? After brainstorming the variables of wind turbine blade design, groups choose one variable to isolate and test. The groups then present their data to the class in order for all to have the same information. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Prepare example blade designs to illustrate some of the blade variables
  • Ensurethe class understands how a wind turbine works
Classroom Considerations
  • Each group will need a model turbine, a multimeter, and various materials to build blades
  • Lesson 10 in a 19-part series.
  • The data collection sheet comes in a middle school and high school version
  • An extension activity asks students to calculate the efficiency of the turbine
  • The website that houses the additional resources and the PowerPoint is not available