Which Weighs More? Which Weighs Less?

This Which Weighs More? Which Weighs Less? lesson plan also includes:

Expand the the comparative language of young mathematicians with a hand-on weight measurement activity. Working independently or in pairs, children compare the weight of large wooden blocks to various other classroom objects, recording their results by drawing the items in either the heavier or lighter side of a two-column table. Though not mentioned in the lesson plan, consider allowing the use of balance scales for making comparisons to avoid any possible confusion with objects having similar weights. Conclude the lesson with a whole-group discussion, allowing children to practice using comparative language as they share their results with the class.

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CCSS: Designed

  • Hands-on activity clearly supports children with learning to compare the weight of objects
  • Offers suggestions for differentiating the lesson to support all learners

  • Teacher must gather wooden blocks and sets of objects to use in the activity
  • Requires the teacher to create two-column tables for recording the results of the activity
Common Core