Why a Bear Mattered: Smokey’s Story

This Why a Bear Mattered: Smokey’s Story lesson plan also includes:

Smokey the Bear has been telling people how to prevent forest fires since 1944, and continues to be the symbol of fire safety in America's wilderness. Young rangers visualize a dry forest and 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Include in a fire safety unit or when preparing for a class camping trip
  • A great addition to a unit on advertisements or persuasive writing techniques
  • Find examples of original Smokey the Bear public service announcements throughout the 20th century
Classroom Considerations

  • Link for the song's tune is broken, but you could find a recording in other places online

  • Provides extension questions and activities
  • Poster project encourages creativity and teamwork
  • Comes with a list of resources for extra research

  • None