Why Are Vectors Useful? 2

Investigate the application of vector transformations applied to linear systems. Individuals use vectors to transform a linear system translating the solution to the origin. They apply their understanding of vectors, matrices, transformations, and linear systems to arrive at their conclusions. This is the 25th installment in a 29-part series of lessons.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Provide a graphic organizer for the opener that requires individuals to use algebraic, geometric, and numeric methods
  • Have scholars who need more practice graph each exercise to reinforce the geometric relationship and check their solutions
Classroom Considerations

  • A graphing calculator is useful in the lesson
  • Resource is the 25th lesson in a 29-part series

  • Provides an exit ticket as an informal assessment of the lesson
  • Continually reviews previously learned concepts throughout the lesson

  • None
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