Why Do Venomous Animals Live In Warm Climates?

Why do warm, tropical environments seem to be the perfect place to find so many of the world's most venomous animals? Explore several theories in an interesting video. The narrator differentiates between venomous and poisonous, describes his own experiences with Australia's venomous inhabitants, and gets to the bottom of the question: What happens if you drink venom?

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Instructional Ideas

  • Show the resource as a part of a global climate study or to support the investigation of a certain venomous species
  • Challenge the class to develop their own theories about the distribution of venomous animals throughout the world
Classroom Considerations

  • The subtitles can be a bit misleading; consider turning them off while viewing

  • The narrator illustrates the scientific process by posing theories, investigating them, and revising his theory as needed
  • Video showcases a wide variety of venomous species, as well as experts in climate, evolution, and zoology

  • None