Why Humans Are so Bad at Thinking about Climate Change

This Why Humans Are so Bad at Thinking about Climate Change video also includes:

Climate change is in the news more than ever these days, and it will increasingly continue to be a hot topic in the future. Watch a video that proposes different ways people can begin to think about climate change in order to address ways to reduce their contribution to climate change.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use the video as an introduction to a lesson on climate change
  • Have class members keep track of how much energy they use in a week, and then the following week keep track of ways they reduce energy use
  • Bring energy-saving practices into the classroom
  • Hold a class debate on contributions to global warming 
Classroom Considerations

  • Best suited for a high school psychology or Earth science class 
  • Stress the importance of the scientific research and data presented in the video

  • Makes a valuable connection between climate change and human psychology
  • References and uses scientific data and research to explain human impact on climate change

  • None