Why Is It Dark at Night?

Don't keep your physics class in the dark about night—introduce them to the concept with a short animated video! The narrator discusses how the Big Bang set our universe into an ever-expanding motion where the stars we observe now appear as they did millions of years ago. He also explains why we are able to perceive "night" with so many stars in the sky.

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Instructional Ideas

  • The resource is perfect for studies of light, space, and time in an upper-level physics or earth science setting
  • Not sure if this is sinking in? Pause the video occasionally to discuss
Classroom Considerations

  • Some prior knowledge of the Big Bang Theory (not the show!) is helpful to better enjoy the video

  • Animations make difficult subject matter more manageable 
  • Presents content in a manner that encourages learners to expand their views of the nature of light, as well as the universe as a constantly changing landscape

  • None