Why is it Hot Underground?

The deeper the mine shaft, the hotter the inside temperature, but why is that? The video explores different theories about the temperature of the earth through time. The discovery of radiation altered scientists' views, but mysteries still remain after thousands of years.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • The video mentions that 50 percent of the heat appears to come from radiation, but doesn't explain the other 50; research to see what current theories explain the missing half
  • Link this to survival skills - i.e., if you are in the desert and need a shelter, should you dig down or stay on the surface? If you find a cave or old mine shaft should you explore it or stay outside?
Classroom Considerations

  • Format the video so the comments don't show to avoid showing inappropriate content

  • Includes an impressive 12 languages on the closed captioning option
  • Cartoon graphics help maintain scholars' attention

  • None