Why No Aquarium Has a Great White Shark

This Why No Aquarium Has a Great White Shark video also includes:

Are great white sharks too big for captivity? Why don't great whites survive in aquarium tanks? View this short video that explains why great white sharks have a history of dying in aquarium captivity.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Flip the classroom and have class members view the video outside of class, saving class time for discussion and research
  • Have learners research types of sharks found in most aquariums, as well as pros and cons of aquariums and zoos
Classroom Considerations

  • Pause throughout the video to discuss the topics 

  • Video contains real facts, images, and news reports that are relevant to the topic
  • Along with the video, the resource comes with links for further research, discussion questions, and a quiz to check for understanding

  • None