Word Choice

Words matter, particularly in academic writing. Issues such as vague language, wordiness, and cliches make it difficult to get a point across. Part of a larger series to improve writing skills, the handout on word choice shows writers how to avoid common issues, as well as strategies to use and questions to ask while writing a paper.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Write an awkward paragraph that contains some of the issues mentioned in the resource, then read it aloud as a class and discuss how to improve the language used
  • Conduct a peer review of student essays using strategies from the handout
Classroom Considerations
  • Focuses on revising a paper and assumes scholars have reached that stage of the writing process
  • Includes links to handouts on style, passive voice, and proofreading to provide learners with additional resources
  • Uses tables to organize and display key pieces of information for easier viewing
  • Feels somewhat disorganized, as many different topics appear throughout the handout
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