Word Problems Review Sheet

This Word Problems Review Sheet handout & reference also includes:

Word problems can make even expert mathematicians go blank. Practice solving word problems with an extended version of the GUESS method (givens, unknowns, equations, solve, substitute), which adds the steps of drawing a diagram, making observations, and double checking.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Hand out to learners at the beginning of the year to review or teach problem-solving strategies
  • Use during preparation for standardized teaching
  • Model the strategy with a document viewer or projector
Classroom Considerations

  • Though the resource is designed for upper high school, it's applicable for ninth and tenth graders as well
  • Only provides one sample problem; prompt your class to come up with additional examples

  • Applicable to any level in math
  • One-page format makes the resource a great reference for a math binder or portfolio

  • None