You Can Be an Innovator ... Like Henry Ford

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Why did Henry Ford want to invent a car for the masses? Why did Henry Ford locate his factory in Detroit? Why did Henry Ford encourage the idea of a 5-day work week? Young innovators find the answers to these and other question in a unit that encourages them to think like an innovator to solve problems. Where did Henry Ford get the idea for the moving assembly line? (The disassembly lines at meat packing houses). After the adoption of the moving assembly line, how long did it take to assemble a 1932 Ford? (49 seconds). After examine how Henry Ford used innovative techniques to solve problems, individuals identify a problem they would like to solve and design an invention or innovation that would solve this problem.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Ask individuals to research the history behind a problem-solving innovation that interests them
Classroom Considerations

  • The link to the Model T Road Trip Interactive module does not work, nor does the link to the lesson plans associated with the module
  • Although designed for upper elementary school classes, the resource is more appropriate for middle schoolers

  • The 65-page packet provides an overview of the resource, a teacher guide, and the unit plan
  • The packet also includes worksheets, links to primary source materials and artifacts

  • None