Zaner-Bloser Handwriting Worksheet

To form the letter A, a writer must go up, down, and across. Teach your learners how to put together every letter of the alphabet, uppercase and lowercase, and use this reference page of Zaner-Bloser handwriting as a support.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Hand out highlighters or colored pens and have learners trace each letter, following the arrows and number provided
  • Pair this with some lined paper and ask learners to practice writing the alphabet using this guide
  • Laminate a copy of this handwriting sheet for each learner; they can keep it in their desks or binders or use dry-erase markers on it for practice
Classroom Considerations

  • While called a worksheet, this is more of a reference material

  • The letters are all in a large font and placed on handwriting lines so that pupils can see exactly how to form them on their own

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