Winter Olympic Games Lesson Plans

While the world watches the Winter Olympic Games, children can learn about the history, and traditions of this great event.

By Kristen Kindoll


winter olympic lesson plans

The Winter Olympic Games  are in full swing. The opening day ceremony was February 12th. The city of Vancouver is the host for the events that feature cold weather sports, like skiing, snowboarding, speed skating, and figure skating.  Watching the games, or even just the opening and closing ceremonies, can be a great family activity. However, the games themselves provide many different diverging avenues of study.

Vancouver is a multi-cultural city along the coast of British Columbia in Canada. Named after Captain George Vancouver, who explored along its waters in the 1790’s, it is the third largest city in the country.  It is a great way to learn more about one of our neighbors.  Those living in the Seattle, Washington area can take a two hour drive to see the city and its many interesting sites.  Besides offering a geography detour, it can illuminate still relevant English customs. The Fairmont Empress Hotel on Vancouver Island is built in the grand Edwardian style.  It still serves afternoon tea with fresh fruit and Chantilly cream, raisin scones covered in thick Jersey cream, sandwiches, pastries, tarts and strawberry preserves that can delight the taste buds.  A fun tea ceremony in lieu of a pretzel or chips afternoon snack might be a great way to introduce the geography topic.

The modern Olympics stem form the ancient games celebrated in Olympia, Greece which started in the eighth century BC. Baron Pierre de Coubertin sought to revive the Olympic tradition in the 1800's and unite countries around the world in a common endeavor. The games have evolved from the ones held during ancient times. The International Olympic Committee has added the Winter Games, the Paralympics (events for athletes with physical disabilities) and Youth Olympic Games (teenage athletes).  Whether on snow, on ice, during the summer, or on the track and field, the games infuse a pride in one's country and a chance to enjoy the spirit of sportsmanship. What follows are some Olympic Game lesson plans.

Winter Olympic Games Lesson Plans:

Winter Olympics in the Gym  hosts a fun events to boost physical fitness and learn about the Olympic Games.  Children recreate the sports found in the actual Olympics:  bobsled, hockey, cross-country skiing, among many others.

Learning from our Heritage has students compare the ancient Olympic Games to the modern games.  Children make a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast.

The Olympians analyzes Canada’s success in the Olympics.  There is lengthy background information.  Six lessons go into various aspects of the history of the games.

Olympics is a fun word search.  It can be a good way to incorporate watching the games and an activity.  The children can see the event and time who can find it fastest on the worksheet.

Discussion Question:

What types of lessons do you do with your students that involve the Olympic Games?

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