Common Core Algebra 1, Unit 10: Quadratics

Collector: Ann V.

The unit begins with scholars watching a video that introduces them to quadratics. They learn what a quadratic is, its key features, and how to sketch a graph of the parabola it defines. The second lesson introduces young mathematicians to the vertex form for a quadratic equation. Pupils realize that though the equation looks different, its graph is still a parabola, and the key features are all still there. Class members also learn a new method to graph a quadratic, knowing the vertex quickly. Next, viewers watch a video on graphing a parabola from a quadratic in standard form without converting the form. They learn how to find the axis of symmetry from the equation and from there the vertex. The last lesson in the unit reviews how to find the key features on a graph using technology and then determine which key feature provides the answer to the modeling problem. For the unit assessment, pupils work 27 problems as a review of the unit on quadratics. Problems range from determining key features of the function and using that information to graph the parabola to writing the quadratic function equation given a graph. Individuals also solve three problems using a situation that is modeled by a quadratic function. Each resource includes an instructional video, a practice packet with solutions, and a corrective assignment.

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