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40 resources with the concept shamrocks

Lesson Planet

Four‐Leaf Clover: Practice Subtraction

For Students 1st - 2nd Standards
Scholars demonstrate their proficiency in subtracting one-digit numbers and color squares a specific color depending on whether their resulting values are one, two, or three. A completed practice page shows a festive four-leaf clover!
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Compound Words at the End of the Rainbow

For Students 1st - 3rd Standards
Boost grammar skills with a St. Patrick's Day themed activity that challenges scholars to match a compound word to its corresponding picture, then write the compound word in the form of an addition sentence. 
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St. Patrick's Day Themed Math and Literacy Practice

For Students K - 1st Standards
Look no further for St. Patrick's Day-themed math and literacy practice worksheets. Math skills allow for practicing counting to 100 by 5s, 10s, and 1s, as well as 10 more or 10 less, writing numbers in word and standard form,...
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St. Patrick's Day Creative Writing Prompt #3

For Students 2nd - 4th Standards
On March 17th, celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a cheery writing prompt that challenges scholars to finish a prompt detailing what they saw when they woke up on the morning of St. Patrick's Day.     
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St. Patrick’s Day Word Search

For Students 2nd - 5th Standards
Get in the St. Patrick's Day spirit with a 12-word, word search puzzle!
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Shamrock Alphabet Patterns

For Students Pre-K - 1st Standards
Which letter is missing? Kids must know their alphabet in order to fill in the missing letter in each sequence. Each letter is inside of a shamrock for a fun St. Patrick's Day touch.
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St. Patrick's Day - Lá Fhéile Pádraig

For Teachers 6th - 12th Standards
Youngsters use their imaginations and the story of St. Patrick to design original artwork for the holiday, by portraying where they think St. Patrick would have visited in the United States or illustrating what St. Patrick's Day means to...
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St. Patricks Day Lesson: The Real Story of St. Patrick

For Teachers 3rd - 12th Standards
Fun St. Patrick's Day facts abound. The lesson plan tells the story of the most famous icons associated with the holiday: the shamrock, snakes, Celtic religion, Irish history, and St. Patrick himself. 
Lesson Planet

March Journal Prompts

For Students 2nd - 7th
Engage your class in writing right away during the month of March. This resource provides writing prompts for every day in March, and each is decorated with a shamrock. For most of the prompts, learners use creative writing skills,...
Lesson Planet

Lucky Clovers

For Teachers K - 1st Standards
Scholars put their graphing skills to use with a lesson that challenges them to scour the playground for hidden shamrocks. They then display their findings in graph form for a fun St. Patrick's Day project.
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St. Patrick's Day Word Puzzles

For Students 2nd - 5th
The leprechauns have hidden a set of words by scrambling them up and putting them into a word search! Task your pupils with the job of discovering the correct spellings and finding the target words in the search. 
Lesson Planet

Ireland Facts

For Students 4th - 6th
For this recognizing facts about Ireland worksheet, students choose multiple choice answers about the shamrock, Catholic rights in the 1600s, Irish volunteers, the wearin' o' the green, and Queen Victoria awarding the Irish with...
Lesson Planet

St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

For Teachers Pre-K - 6th
Poems, activities, games, recipes, and leprechaun tricks abound in a resource packet designed for St. Patrick's Day. There are even measuring, graphing, and mapping activities. How lucky! 
Lesson Planet

St. Patrick's

For Teachers Pre-K - K
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in style with this extensive collection of materials and resources built around the holiday, the letter L, the number 1, ovals, and the color green. This is definitely the elusive leprechaun's gold underneath...
Lesson Planet

Positive/negative Shapes, Shamrocks And Matisse

For Teachers 2nd - 5th
Students make shamrock collages.
Lesson Planet

Painting without Paint

For Teachers Pre-K - K
Skip the mess, paint without paint! Young artists create a colorful shamrock using construction paper, tissue paper, paint brushes, water, or vinegar.   
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St. Patrick's Day Challenge Cards

For Students 2nd - 6th
Nineteen cards offer an assortment of St. Patrick's Day-themed STEM activities. Scholars choose from a variety of cards to take part in activities such as building coin towers, growing green carnations, tying a celtic knot, and more!    
Lesson Planet

Shamrock Necklace

For Students Pre-K - 2nd
Add a festive craft to a St. Patrick's Day celebration with a shamrock necklace. Scholars cut and color paper shamrocks and string colorful cereal to create a bright and cheery fashion piece. 
Lesson Planet

Upper and Lower Case Alphabet Letters: Shamrocks

For Students Pre-K - K
In this alphabet activity, students color and cut out each of 52 flashcards, each with one upper or lower case alphabet letter inside a shamrock.
Lesson Planet

St. Patrick's Day and Leprechauns

For Teachers Pre-K - 1st
Young learners are introduced to the history, and customs surrounding St. Patrick's Day. This colorful and enchanting instructional activity has the students hunt for leprechauns, four-leaf clovers, and that lucky pot 'o gold.
Lesson Planet

St. Patrick

For Students 3rd - 5th
In this St. Patrick activity, students read facts about St. Patrick's life, his writing "Confessio", and the meanings of the shamrock and St. Patrick's Day. Students answer eleven fill in the blank questions.
Lesson Planet

The Little Leprechaun

For Students 1st - 2nd
In these reading comprehension worksheets, the students will read a short passage and answer the questions following. The students will respond to three multiple choice recall questions, ten yes/no answers, and four fill in the blank.
Lesson Planet

Shamrock: Happy St. Patrick's Day

For Students K - 1st
In this St. Patrick's Day activity, students trace the printed words "Happy St. Patrick's Day" and then write this one time on the lines. Students then color a large shamrock.
Lesson Planet

5 Lucky Shamrocks

For Students 2nd - 3rd
In this St. Patrick's worksheet, students study a page of clover pictures and search for the lucky shamrocks or four-leafed clover. Students color them green.