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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

For Teachers 3rd - 7th Standards
The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory unit is a golden ticket for teachers looking for nicely written plans. Elementary and middle schoolers draw their impressions of characters, design and market their own candy creations, and use...
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Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass an American Slave, Written by Himself

For Teachers 7th - 9th Standards
 The narrative works of Frederick Douglass engage learners in the topic of slavery. They will experience American history in a new way, a Douglass expresses his thoughts in his own words. Pupils then interpret this literary work.   
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EdTech Tuesdays: A+ Writing Prompts

For Teachers 4th - 12th
Thousands of prompts? Great! Rich and Jennifer tell you all about how to use this prompt-generating app, which can enhance your curriculum and provide a fabulous variety of topics for your class to write about. Listen for application...
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Magazine Production

For Teachers 11th - 12th
Analyze magazines as a class, looking carefully for the target audience, advertisements, and topics presented. Small groups then work as a publication team and receive a magazine that they have to "sell." Each individual has a different...
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Kids Can Make a Difference

For Teachers K - 2nd Standards
What is a philanthropist? We can all be philanthropists! After assessing the needs of the school and listening to literature about how they can help others, primary learners develop a class project and maintain a journal of their...
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Marking Time

For Students 2nd - 3rd Standards
Two narrative excerpts tell the same story from different points of view. In the first excerpt (first person), sequencing words and phrases are bolded and learners write down what the bold type does. The second excerpt is in third...
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Phonics Instructional Routine: Read and Write Words with Consonant Digraphs

For Teachers K - 1st
Use consonant digraphs to introduce learners to word patterns and high frequency words. They observe a chart with the digraphs /sh/, /ch/, /th/, and /wh/. After listening to each of these phonemes, scholars watch as the teacher...
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English Lesson Plans for Grade 12

For Teachers 12th
HIgh schoolers respond to a persuasive article on using animal research. In this english lesson, writers listen to a conversation, and discuss the point of arguments. They write a critique on a certain film and share it with their...
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Microsoft Word

For Students 6th - 12th Standards
Microsoft Word is a widely used technology tool. Get to know the popular program with a collection of 44 videos. Video topics include creating and opening documents, page layouts, pictures, text wrapping, and so much more! 
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EngageNY Grade 8 ELA module 4, Unit 3: Writing a Position Paper

For Teachers 8th Standards
Six resources make up an English language arts module that focuses on writing a position paper on food chains. Scholars compose an essay that states a claim, provides evidence, shares their reasoning, then offers a counterclaim and a...
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Sensory Language in Owl Moon

For Teachers 3rd - 5th Standards
New ReviewScholars share a favorite memory then take part in a read-aloud of the story, Owl Moon by Jane Yolen. Learners discuss thoughts and experiences the main characters found memorable. Pupils rummage through copies of the book to locate...
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W.6.3 - Narrative Writing: 6th Grade ELA Common Core

For Teachers 6th Standards
Cultivating a deep love of narrative writing in your young writers can set them on a path that will have them writing and reading for the rest of their lives. These common core aligned resources (W.6.3) will give you some great starting...
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Homophones: Is it They're, Their, or There?

For Teachers 3rd - 6th Standards
Discern between common homophones with lessons, worksheets, and other resources designed for upper elementary learners.
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W.7.2 - Expository Writing: 7th Grade ELA Common Core

For Teachers 7th Standards
Tell it like it is with a collection filled with resources that focus on expository writing skills. Seventh graders work on comparing and contrasting texts, analyzing current events, and structuring their essays in clear and...

EngageNY Grade 11 ELA: Module 2, Unit 2

For Teachers 11th Standards
Two texts anchor a 14-lesson unit that explores what it means to be a woman in America. In her "An Address by Elizabeth Cady Stanton" Stanton argues for women's right to vote. Audre Lorde offers a different point of view in her poem, "...

EngageNY Grade 8 ELA: Module 1, Unit 2: Case Study: Why Do People Flee Home?

For Teachers 8th Standards
The 20 lessons in Module 1, Unit 2 continue the study of Thanhha Lai's Inside Out & Back Again. Scholars build their skills as they analyze informational texts that look at the experiences of other refugees and the challenges they...
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"EngageNY Grade 8 ELA: Module 1, Unit 3: Culminating Project: Free Verse Inside Out and Back Again Poems"

For Teachers 8th Standards
The third and final unit in Module 1 asks students to craft two research-based, free verse, narrative poems that capture the experiences of refugees from a specific culture. Poets draw inspiration from their reading of Thanhha Lai's...

EngageNY Grade 8 ELA: Module 2a, Unit 2: Case Study: Atticus Takes a Stand

For Teachers 8th Standards
Unit 2 of Module 1a continues a study of To Kill A Mockingbird with readers paying particular attention to the theme of taking a stand. A Mid-Unit Assessment asks students to compare a key scene in the novel with the same scene in the...

EngageNY Grade 8 ELA: Module 2a, Unit 3: Performance Task: Readers Theater: Taking a Stand in Maycomb

For Teachers 8th Standards
To end their study of To Kill A Mockingbird, class members craft a Readers Theatre script incorporating key scenes from the novel that develop the theme of taking a stand. Group's Readers Theatre performances represent the final...

EngageNY Grade 10 ELA: Module 1, Unit 3

For Teachers 10th Standards
Teach your sophomores how to compare the same ideas in two different texts with a unit that uses Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club and H.G. Bissinger's Friday Night Lights as central texts. Class members use their close reading skills to...

EngageNY Grade 9 ELA: Module 4, Unit 1

For Teachers 9th Standards
Who bears the most responsibility for ensuring that goods are ethically produced? Using evidence from Marc Aronson and Marina Budhos' Sugar Changed the World: A Story of Magic, Spice, Slavery, Freedom, and Science as a central text,...

EngageNY Grade 10 ELA: Module 4, Unit 3

For Teachers 10th Standards
Machiavelli's The Prince challenges readers to ponder the role of leadership and to consider the qualities that make a good ruler. After a close reading and discussion of Machiavelli's ideas, the five-lesson unit concludes with class...

EngageNY Grade 10 ELA: Module 1, Unit 2

For Teachers 10th Standards
Ethan Canin's short story "The Palace Thief" is the anchor text in a unit that teaches 10th grades close reading skills. Class members gather evidence for an expository essay in which they analyze how how the author uses the interactions...

EngageNY Grade 9 ELA: Module 3, Unit 3

For Teachers 9th Standards
Introduce freshmen to the writing process with a unit that shows them how to craft an informative, expository paper that addresses a research question. They learn how to develop a central claim, an engaging introduction, how to avoid...