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17 resources with the concept the perfect tenses

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Population Genetics Video
Population Genetics
Cells - Overview & Introduction Video
Cells - Overview & Introduction
Ancient Egypt | What Everyday Life Was Actually Like Video
Ancient Egypt | What Everyday Life Was...
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Lesson Planet

English Simple Perfect Tenses

For Students 4th Standards
Quiz class members on the present perfect, past perfect, and future perfect tenses with a helpful grammar presentation. Before learners practice their skills, they view the definition of each tense, complete with correct examples and...
1 In 1 Collection 12:50
Lesson Planet

Conjugating Verbs: Verb Tense and Aspect | Parts of Speech App

For Students 3rd - 6th Standards
Take a look at an in depth video to learn all there is to know about conjugating verbs. Find out what conjugating verbs are, why we conjugate verbs, and all the rules to properly form grammatically correct sentences. After gaining much...
1 In 1 Collection 1:18
Lesson Planet

"Have and Has Song"–Rockin' English

For Students 1st - 5th Standards
A fun, rock n' roll beat and light-hearted example sentences make up this music video designed to support your instruction of perfect tense verbs, have and has.
Lesson Planet

Tenses Overview - Present, Past, Future, Simple, Continuous, Progressive, Perfect!

For Students 6th - 11th Standards
Clarify the difference between different verb tenses with a short, informative language arts video. The instructor guides learners through past, present, and future simple tenses; as well as the perfect, progressive, and perfect...
2 In 2 Collections
Lesson Planet

Teach English, Teach About the Environment

For Teachers K - 12th
Spread the message of recycling while teaching your English language learners new vocabulary and practicing verb tenses. Included here are four lesson plans for each level (beginning, intermediate, and advanced) as well as accompanying...
3 In 3 Collections
Lesson Planet

Grammar Practice Workbook

For Students 8th - 12th Standards
Make sure your pupils exercise their grammar muscles with this collection of worksheets. Organized into units, the packet covers everything from the parts of speech to sentence structure to punctuation.
Lesson Planet

Conversation Pieces: A Verb Tense Activity

For Teachers 3rd - 8th Standards
Teach your English language learners about conversations by inviting them to participate in a conversation about an interesting object. Through this conversation, learners will naturally use various verb tenses and practice asking and...
Lesson Planet

Understanding the -ED Ending

For Students 6th - 12th
English is a complex language, so take some time to clarify one aspect that is often confusing for English language learners: the -ed ending. This resource includes information about the different ways the -ed ending is used and provides...
Lesson Planet

Crocodiles Escape in Vietnam

For Teachers 5th - 8th
What, there was a crocodile escape? Read, analyze, and examine a newspaper article with your class about the crocodiles that escaped in Vietnam. Your English language learners note the facts and key vocabulary in the story and answer...
Lesson Planet

The Tom Cruise Wedding

For Teachers 5th - 9th
Scholars read a newspaper article about Tom Cruise's wedding to Katie Holmes in 2006. They define vocabulary words, complete comprehension worksheets, and analyze use of the present perfect and passive in the article. Individuals write...
Lesson Planet

To Conjugate or Not to Conjugate: That is Not the Question!

For Teachers 6th - 8th
Young grammarians demonstrate their knowledge of the principal parts of verbs and the six tenses by using correct verb tenses in their writing. They create a product that demonstrates their knowledge of using verb tenses correctly. Once...
Lesson Planet

Past Perfect

For Teachers 6th - 8th
Middle schoolers read fifteen sentences and complete them with the verb in past simple, past progressive, or past perfect simple. They complete an online grammar activity practicing verb tenses.
Lesson Planet

Simple Past and Present Perfect Quiz

For Teachers 4th - 8th
Print this quiz to assess your kids and their understanding of the simple past and present perfect tenses. In the first exercise, learners complete the questions using either tense. (One of the questions has a spelling error-fix this...
Lesson Planet

Past Perfect or Present Tense

For Students 4th - 8th
A great resource for English language learners! They fill in the blanks with verbs in the past tense or past perfect tense. There are 15 sentences, and learners can check their answers with the click of a button. 
Lesson Planet

Pop Concert in Iran

For Teachers 5th - 6th
Read, analyze, and critique a newspaper article about a concert with a Western singer and an Iranian band. Scholars will assess key vocabulary terms within the article, learn how to understand a short news report, and hone in on how the...
Lesson Planet

Listening for Meaning: Same Sound

For Teachers 4th - 6th Standards
Learners demonstrate listening skills and determine meaning from conversation. They are meant to listen to a taped conversation, but being that it isn't included, you will need to create one. As a follow up, individuals complete a...
Lesson Planet

Elvis Fanatic in Jail

For Teachers 5th - 10th
Students read, analyze and critique a newspaper article about an Elvis fan who stole from her employer to buy Elvis memorabilia. They assess how to understand a short news report and discuss the use of present perfect tense in the article.