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14 resources with the keyterm living and non living things

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Lesson Planet

Living and Non-Living

For Teachers 1st - 2nd
In this guided reading lesson, students do a picture walk through a book to predict what the story will be about. each child should point to words as they read to show a 1-1 correspondence, word to print. and then discuss living and...
Lesson Planet

Living and Non-Living Things

For Teachers 1st
Take a walk and observe living and non-living things on the way. Young scientists practice making valuable observations and draw the details.  You could require that your students complete a T chart of living and non-living things and...
Lesson Planet

Living or Non-Living

For Teachers 3rd - 5th
Students examine living and non-living things. In this life science lesson, students are given a group of objects and discuss if they are living or non-living. Students identify and list characteristics of living things.
Lesson Planet

Food Chain/Food Web

For Teachers 3rd - 4th
Students explore ecosystems. In this ecology lesson plan, students read an article explaining ecosystems. Students create a visual organizer with index cards using components of various ecosystems.
Lesson Planet

Living And Non-Living Things (2.1)

For Students 3rd - 4th
For this comprehensive review of living and non-living things worksheet, students answer questions about the two categories. Students answer fifteen multiple choice, true and false, and fill in the blank questions.
Lesson Planet

Worming Your Way Through The Soil

For Teachers 3rd - 8th
Students sort through soil and put items into categories of living and non living things. In this soil lesson plan, students also start a composting box.
Lesson Planet

Secrets to Healthy Soil

For Teachers 4th
Fourth graders explore needed mineral nutrients for healthy soil. In this soil lesson, 4th graders investigate how living and nonliving elements combine to contribute to fertile soil development.
Lesson Planet

The Living Environment

For Teachers 5th - 8th
Learners explore the cycles of an ecosystem.  In this environmental science lesson, students work in groups to research the nitrogen cycle, the water cycle, or the oxygen-carbon dioxide cycle. Learners prepare a PowerPoint or other...
Lesson Planet

Worming Your Way Through the Soil

For Teachers K - 5th
Students study soil, living and non-living particles in the soil, and learn about composting. In this soil study lesson, students study soil samples and discuss the living and non-living components of the soil. Students classify the...
Lesson Planet

What is Life?

For Teachers 2nd - 4th
Students investigate the characteristics of living things. In this life science activity, students examine several living and non-living specimens. Students determine which things are living and non-living.
Lesson Planet

Living and Non-Living Things

For Students 4th - 5th
In these living and non-living things worksheets, students complete several different worksheets that help them learn about living and non-living things.
Lesson Planet

Dirt Baggers

For Students 1st - 2nd
In this science worksheet, students will work in small groups to answer two questions: what kinds of material do you find in soil and are these things living or non-living? Students will collect, examine and write about soil samples.
Lesson Planet

It's Alive! Or is it?

For Teachers 1st - 6th
Students differentiate the characteristics of living and nonliving things. In this life science lesson, students compare and contrast robots and living things. Given an object, they decide whether it's is living or not and defend their...
Lesson Planet

Cricket Wars

For Teachers 3rd
Third graders explore living and nonliving things in a garden environment. In this garden environment instructional activity, 3rd graders study the effects of crickets in a garden. Students explore the interaction between living and...