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Zoo Integrated Unit

For Teachers 6th - 8th
Explore the North Carolina Zoological Park with your class. In this cross-curriculum activity, learners use information from the zoo to create scaled maps, use compasses, and research animals found at the zoo. They take a field trip to...
Lesson Planet

Take a Hike!

For Teachers 8th - 9th
In this map-reading worksheet, students answer 11 questions about their "hike" by reading their topographic map, checking coordinates and describing terrain.
Lesson Planet

Around the Block

For Teachers K - 4th Standards
Arthur and his friends help children explore the concepts of family, community, and diversity in a fun series of activities. From performing peer interviews to mapping out the different places students have lived or visited, this...
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Imaginary Nation: Constructing a Map

For Teachers 6th - 8th Standards
Your young geographers will combine what they have learned about the five themes of geography and their inner creativity to design a physical map for an imaginary nation.
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Reading Maps: Locating the Countries We Have Been Reading About

For Teachers 3rd Standards
Show your class how to read a map and decipher all of the markings and features. Start out by connecting maps to their homework from the night before and their current reading, in this case That Book Woman, and a related informational...
Lesson Planet

Mapping a Garden

For Teachers K - 2nd
Students study the components of a map, particularly the legend, the key, the symbols and the area. They develop their own map of a garden that they can plant in a future science lesson.
Lesson Planet

Using Social Studies in Five Shared Reading Lessons: Geography

For Teachers 2nd - 4th
After several short 15-minute mini-lessons, your learners will gain an understanding of the characteristics of a non-fiction text. Using the book Map It by Elspeth Leacock, your class will become acquainted with non-fiction terms such as...
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Transversals and Angles - Problem Solving 14.3

For Students 4th - 8th
Upper-elementary and secondary learners use maps to solve word problems showing measurements of angles. They write an expression describing a relationship and identify and label pairs of alternate exterior angles. Pupils solve four...
Lesson Planet

Exploring Biomes Lesson 1: Mapping Biomes

For Teachers 6th - 10th
Environmental science learners examine satellite imagery of temperature, vegetation, precipitation, and productivity. They use these maps to understand how scientists divide the planet into major biomes. As part of a larger unit on...
Lesson Planet

Geography of South America

For Teachers K - 5th
Young explorers study South American geography. They study maps and create a physical map of the Andes themselves! They also research the geography, environment, and the culture of the Andes and present a report to the class.
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Countries Involved in World War II

For Teachers 11th - 12th
Students create their own floor map of Europe, Northern Africa, and the Pacific. They locate, identify, and speak for one of the countries involved. In addition, they classify the country they represent as an Axis Power or as an Allied...
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Mapping It Out: Social Studies Online

For Teachers 2nd
A great way to introduce 2nd graders to map skills would be to use this presentation. The visuals are inviting and the layout is easy to understand. This would be a terrific way to cover the basics on how to read a map. There is also a...
Lesson Planet

Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me a Map

For Teachers 2nd - 3rd
Second and third graders practice with basic map skills. They create their own map including a legend and a compass rose. This fabulous plan has many excellent websites linked which allow learners to explore maps of all kinds; including...
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For Teachers 8th - 12th
Everything you wanted to know about orienteering, and more! Take your class on an adventure with this creative activity. You will need to gather some supplies and materials and maps for your specific location, but the unit sounds like it...
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Mapmaker, Make Me a Map!

For Teachers K - 1st
Here is a well-designed, very thorough lesson plan on mapping for very young children. Within the six-page plan, you will find everything you need to implement the lesson. They will identify various landforms found in Colorado on a map,...
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For Teachers 3rd - 8th
What is climate? In this creative video, students explore what climate is and how to read a climate map. Tip: Introduce your climate lesson with this video!
Lesson Planet

Reading Population Maps

For Teachers 3rd - 8th
The students in this video discuss population around the world. They explain how to properly read a population map. Tip: Creating a video like this is a great way to for your students to show what they have learned!
Lesson Planet

Introducing Maps Through Dance

For Teachers 2nd - 5th
Students are introduced to the key concepts of maps; direction, pathway/line, shape and symbol. They create the pathways and shapes they have "mapped" out on paper on the floor. They dance along the paths.
1 In 1 Collection
Lesson Planet

What Can a Map Tell You?

For Teachers 6th - 12th
Students investigate how maps can provide useful information about health issues. They study a map to draw conclusions about cholera death in London.
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Understanding "The Stans"

For Teachers 6th - 12th
Students explore and locate "The Stans" in Central Asia to create, write and illustrate maps, graphs and charts to organize geographic information. They analyze the historical and physical characteristics of Central Asia via graphic...
Lesson Planet

Finding Your Way Around the World

For Teachers 10th - 12th
Students plan a trip around the world and create a PowerPoint presentation of the journey. In this map, atlas, and technology instructional activity, students plan a trip around the world in which they avoid using an airplane. Students...
Lesson Planet

Mapping World Explorers

For Teachers 4th - 6th
Students research early explorers from selected nations, routes, or time periods. After finding maps of exploration routes over water and land, they create a time line. Presentations are created in the form of three-dimensional models...
Lesson Planet

A Topographical Map of Korea

For Teachers 3rd - 6th
Students discover the geography of Korea.  In this Asian geography lesson, students research the shape, size, water bodies, and landforms of Korea.  Students create three-dimensional maps of Korea focusing on the topography.
Lesson Planet

Geography of the Montana Indian Reservations

For Teachers 5th
Fifth graders create a map of the Montana Indian Reservations. In this Indian reservation lesson students individually reproduce maps of the physical and political features of at least 2 Montana reservations. The students work in groups...