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288 resources with the keyterm photosynthesis

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Population Genetics Video
Population Genetics
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Prepositional Phrases for Kids | English...
Volcano Video
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1 In 1 Collection 5:38
Lesson Planet

Nature's Smallest Factory: The Calvin Cycle

For Students 8th - 12th
Explain the two-step process of photosynthesis to your high school biologists with a focus on the Calvin cycle. Using adorable animation, a video likens the cycle to a tiny, sustainable factory. Even though the enzyme-bird rubisco and...
4 In 4 Collections
PD Learning Network

Collaborative Lab Experiments

For Teachers 7th - 9th Standards
Life science teams experiment by placing sprigs of Elodea into a sodium bicarbonate solution and counting the oxygen bubbles produced. Data is recorded and graphed on a Google spreadsheet, making this not just a lesson in photosynthesis,...
1 In 1 Collection 4:01
Lesson Planet

The Simple Story of Photosynthesis and Food

For Students 4th - 8th Standards
Meet adorable, animated chloroplasts as they produce glucose with the help of the sun. Viewers learn how carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and electrons are combined to form carbohydrates with an engaging video. The narrator also explains how...
Lesson Planet

Study Jams! The Carbon Cycle

For Students 5th - 9th Standards
Take a ride on the carbon cycle by watching this animated featurette. Those who do will learn about the element carbon, how it cycles through the atmosphere and biosphere, and how it contributes to Earth's temperature. This video comes...
Lesson Planet

Photosynthesis and Respiration

For Teachers 7th - 12th
What are the processes of photosynthesis and respiration? Where do they take place? These and other questions are answered in this brief but beneficial video. It contains a combination of video and computer animation to explain these...
Lesson Planet


For Teachers 9th - 12th
Mr. Anderson, the talented Smart Board presenter and biology teacher, shows a satellite image of where photosynthesis is occurring all over the planet. He draws on a series of computer graphics of the cell and mitochondria as he speaks....
Lesson Planet

Life Cycle of a Flowering Plant

For Teachers 9th - 12th
The development of the male and female gametes in a plant is illustrated, explaining plant fertilization, pollination, and reproduction. Overall, get a complete picture of the life cycle of a flowering plant with some wonderful details...
Lesson Planet

Photosynthesis: Light Reactions

For Teachers 9th - 12th
This clip picks up right where the Khan Academy's Photosynthesis video left off. Chemicals such as hydrogen and compounds such as NADPH are reviewed along with details including the stroma, thylakoid, lumen, and grana. See the parts of a...
Lesson Planet

Coral Reef Ecosystem

For Teachers 4th - 8th
The coral reef ecosystem is abundant and lively. Dive in for an underwater view of the species living there. Polyps, urchin, barracudas, and eels (among others) exist in part because of the sun's presence in this ecosystem. Use this as...
Lesson Planet

Carbon Cycle and Global Warming

For Teachers 4th - 8th
Carbon is all around us, as shown in this cartoon animation. The carbon cycle is portrayed simply and accurately with fun cartoon plants and animals. Use this video in an elementary or junior high class to facilitate your learners'...
Lesson Planet

What's Cooking? Photosynthesis

For Students 5th - 9th
Who would expect to learn about photosynthesis during a cooking demonstration? That is exactly what happens when you view this film, one of the best photosynthesis videos you will find! Because the lesson is deliciously delivered through...
Lesson Planet


For Teachers 9th - 12th
Photosynthesis 101! You'll find four activities, pre tests, post tests, full color handouts, and hardcore scientific information to help you tech a photosynthesis. Use the resource to guide your teaching or just use the great handouts,...
Lesson Planet

The Absorption of Solar Energy

For Teachers 7th - 12th
Two sequential parts to this lesson introduce your class to the electromagnetic spectrum, the ability to absorb radiant energy, and the pigments in leaves that are responsible for collecting sunlight to be used in the photosynthetic...
Lesson Planet


For Teachers 6th - 12th
Students recognize the importance of plants as they perform an experiment involving photosynthesis. Students determine the optimum wavelength of light for photosynthesis by exposing plants to different colors of light, collecting data,...
Lesson Planet

An Environmental Puzzle: The Carbon Cycle

For Teachers 6th - 8th
Middle school science stars examine fuels and energy with a variety of activities. They begin with a KWL chart, read an informative passage, and then complete a puzzle. The puzzle itself is included. Cleverly, each piece corresponds to a...
Lesson Planet

AP: Chapter 10: Photosynthesis

For Students 10th - Higher Ed
AP biologists or college-level botanists consider in-depth details of the photosynthetic process. They examine the structures in a leaf and the roles that they play. They label neat and colorful diagrams of photosystems and electron...
Lesson Planet

Plant Parts and their Function

For Teachers 3rd
Discover why plants are important to our world. View plant parts and categorize them as stems or buds. Students do a cut and paste of pictures of plants into correct categories.  Students also plant a carrot top,and record the growth and...
Lesson Planet

Basic Cell Structure

For Teachers 7th
Initially, general details about cells and single cell organisms are provided. Next, the concentration becomes cellular processes such as respiration, osmosis, diffusion, fission and mitosis.  This is an attractive PowerPoint which gives...
1 In 1 Collection
Lesson Planet

Photosynthesis—Life's Primary Energy Source

For Teachers 6th - 8th Standards
Wouldn't it be great if you could produce your own food? Scholars learn about the processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration in plants. They consider how to use photosynthesis as a model of an efficient system and how to apply...
1 In 1 Collection
Lesson Planet

Biology Reference Sheet

For Teachers 7th - 12th
First year life science or biology pupils will appreciate this all-inclusive reference page. It provides a diagram of both a plant and an animal cell, the metric system prefixes, classification levels, definitions for cell processes, the...
2 In 2 Collections
Lesson Planet

Energy Flow Through an Ecosystem

For Teachers 7th - 10th Standards
One of the key concepts in life science and biology is the cycling of energy throughout an ecosystem. Learners can take notes on the topic using the vocabulary included within the presentation. From producers making their own food...
Lesson Planet


For Teachers 3rd - 8th
How do plants get energy to grow and live? Photosynthesis is the answer! Watch this video to learn more about the photosynthesis process.
Lesson Planet

Photosynthesis vs. Chemosynthesis

For Students 5th - 8th Standards
Following a brief description of the two types of producers (those that use light and those that use chemicals in their environments), an interactive website is listed for your enthusiastic ecologists to access. From it, they read and...
Lesson Planet

The Process of Photosynthesis

For Teachers 5th - 8th
Here is a cute presentation for middle schoolers on the photosynthesis process. Each required product is named and then the process is viewed in a cartoon cross-section of the leaf. Embed this little video into your own PowerPoint or...