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Biography of Mary Cassatt for Kids: Famous Artists for Children - FreeSchool Video
Biography of Mary Cassatt for Kids: Famous...
Three-Dimensional Coordinates and the Right-Hand Rule Video
Three-Dimensional Coordinates and the...
Ancient Egypt | What Everyday Life Was Actually Like Video
Ancient Egypt | What Everyday Life Was...
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Lesson Planet

Talking with the Author

For Teachers 5th - 11th
Encourage your class to interact with complex texts through dialectical journal writing.
Lesson Planet

Comic Book Characters

For Teachers 5th - 8th
Explore gender stereotypes by analyzing how male and female characters are depicted in comic books. Using the provided Comic Book Analysis sheet, students record the attributes of male and female comic book characters. Then the whole...
Lesson Planet

Best Websites for English Teachers

For Teachers 9th - 12th
Bookmark these grammar, writing, and literature websites to build your teaching arsenal, making life just a little bit easier.
Lesson Planet

The Ancient Art of Haiku

For Teachers 7th - 8th
A cross-disciplinary lesson that incorporates language arts, social studies, and art into a creative project, this lesson would be a great fit for any middle school humanities classroom. After briefly learning about the history,...
1 In 1 Collection
PD Learning Network

Bias in News Sources

For Teachers 9th - 12th
As young consumers of media, it is important for high schoolers to explore concepts of bias and prejudice, and how they may be present in media. After discussing ideological messages that media can contain, individuals complete a warm-up...
Lesson Planet

Colorful Wording

For Teachers K - 1st
As a review of Dolch sight words, this PowerPoint presentation would be a useful complement to a language arts lesson in a kindergarten or first-grade classroom. The simple, easy-to-read sentences are paired with colorful graphics and...
Lesson Planet

Miscast and Seldom Seen

For Teachers 9th - 12th
Consider how well students' favorite TV shows, movies and video games reflect the diversity of society. The lesson introduces your class to several media literacy concepts, such as how media conveys values and messages, as well as the...
1 In 1 Collection
Lesson Planet

Allowing Students to Explore Simple Physics and Marketing in English Class

For Teachers 9th Standards
Scientific method, linear measurements, friction, inertia. Imagine learning scientific vocabulary in an ELA class. Before researching and developing a presentation about simple machines, class members build a common, but decidedly...
Lesson Planet

English Lesson Plans for Grade 12

For Teachers 12th
HIgh schoolers respond to a persuasive article on using animal research. In this english lesson, writers listen to a conversation, and discuss the point of arguments. They write a critique on a certain film and share it with their...
Lesson Planet

To Kill a Mockingbird

For Teachers 9th - 12th
From the setting to the tone of To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, this PowerPoint provides a great review of the book for the classroom. It outlines key elements, describes important characters, and gives a brief review of the history...
Lesson Planet

How English and Spanish Are Similar

For Teachers 3rd - 6th
It may be difficult to learn a new language, like Spanish. Some similar words between English and Spanish may make it even more difficult. Watch this video to learn which words might be tricky!
Lesson Planet

Communicative Group Activity: What's Your Opinion?

For Teachers 4th - 12th
Young scholars participate in a topic discussion in English. They choose a topic from a group of cards and then give their opinion on what was read. The other students have to offer their opinions as well in English.
Lesson Planet

Poetry for Two Voices

For Teachers 6th
Sixth graders write their own poems based on a topic they chose. In this language arts instructional activity, 6th graders create a multimedia presentation on the poems they wrote. They present their final project in class followed by a...
Lesson Planet

English Lesson Plans for Grade 7

For Teachers 7th - 8th
Discuss the correct use of certain phrases such as "managed" and "could" in this English lesson. Middle schoolers listen to interviews on work customs in different countries and compare them. They make inferences after reading given...
Lesson Planet

Who Invented English Anyway?

For Teachers 7th - 9th
In these English lesson plans, students use video, the Internet and non-fiction essays to research the history of the English language. They write a short research paper and design a PowerPoint presentation showcasing their findings.
Lesson Planet

The Learning Network: Alligators Everywhere Fill-In

For Students 4th - 10th
Meant to be used with the article, "In Florida, the Natives Are Restless" (included here), this is a great source of high-interest, nonfiction reading. A fill in the blank vocabulary activity and an activity focusing on reading...
Lesson Planet

Exploring Poetry and Poets

For Teachers 9th - 12th
Combine the study of poetry and non-fiction texts with this complete and ready-to-use six-week unit. After reading numerous poems from local writers and compiling a personal anthology, high schoolers find and read a memoir or biography...
Lesson Planet

Modals and Their Meaning in Context

For Students 5th - Higher Ed
By focusing on an oil-related theme, learners answer questions using context clues. They assign meaning to each highlighted modal in an example sentence from a word bank of choices. (Examples of meaning choices include impossibility...
Lesson Planet

Macbeth News Broadcast

For Teachers 9th - 12th
Here is an authentic assessment task for Shakespeare's Macbeth. Young literature scholars prepare, perform, and record a news broadcast about the major events in the play. For example, groups may choose to report on the death of Lady...
Lesson Planet

Awesome Stories: Vincent van Gogh

For Students 9th - Higher Ed
Who was Vincent van Gogh? Most of the questions can be answered in two or three sentences; however, there is at least one essay prompt and one personal response question that require longer answers. Questions call for a good mix of...
Lesson Planet

Prometheus Bound: Rebel with a Cause

For Teachers 9th - 12th
If you are teaching Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound, you can't afford to miss this source. An extensive list of ideas outlines numerous discussion topics, writing prompts, comprehension questions, oral presentations, and projects. Have class...
Lesson Planet

Student Opinion: What Are You Afraid Of?

For Students 7th - 12th
A great resource for informational texts as well as writing topics, the New York Times website provides writing prompts about various news articles through The Learning Network. This particular instructional activity provides a very...
Lesson Planet

Discovering Character

For Teachers 5th - 10th
Young readers work on the process of characterization through an array of literary and real-life examples. They begin by learning the basic process of characterization (STANDO), and analyze movie clips, pictures, and their own...
Lesson Planet

Spanglish Exercise

For Students 7th - 9th
Are your native-Spanish English language learners speaking Spanglish? Correct some common errors with this worksheet. First, match up the Spanglish phrases with their correct English translations. Then, have your learners fill in the...