A Veterans Day Thank You Note

This Veterans Day inspire scholars to say thank you to a veteran. Here, learners discover key details about a specific war using an interactive timeline, and then write a thank you letter offering their gratitude to someone who risked their life for our country. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Invite a local veteran to speak to the class about his or her experience—keeping it age appropriate 
  • Encourage learners to delve deep into the history of one war and present their findings to the class
  • Flip your classroom; give pupils the interactive timeline link so they can research as needed at home then come to class prepared to write their thank you letter 
Classroom Considerations

  • Interactive timeline is located within the lesson link
  • The lesson assumes pupils know how to write letters 

  • Sheds light on the importance of honoring veterans
  • Offers questions if the pupil or veteran wish to conduct an interview 

  • None