A Volcano in My Tummy (Helping Children to Handle Anger)

Sometimes it's hard for kids to express their anger appropriately, or to understand what is happening to their bodies when they feel angry. An insightful lesson about anger management can help them identify angry feelings. It includes a picture of a volcano for them to label with words that come out during bursts of anger, as well as the damage that extreme anger can cause.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have kids draw their own pictures of how it feels to them when they feel angry
  • Use the body pictures and volcano pictures to lead a class discussion about the different ways that people express anger
  • Bring the lesson into a unit about finding solutions to expressing anger, or when discussing a behavior intervention plan for a specific learner
Classroom Considerations

  • Does not include the second lesson (of 3)

  • Shows kids that angry feelings are normal, but that there are better ways to express them than to yell or hit
  • Helps them to reflect on their own feelings of anger during moments when they are not feeling angry

  • None