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A Watery World

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With about 70% of the earth's surface covered in oceans, it's fair to say that we live in a very wet world. Young scientists gain a better appreciation of this fact as they use maps to identify the world's ocean basins in the first lesson of this three-part earth science series.

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Instructional Ideas
  • In small groups, have children research each of Earth's five ocean basins, presenting their findings to the rest of the class
  • Laminate copies of the Hawaii maps, allowing students to use rulers and dry erase markers as support with locating the longitude and latitude of different cities
  • Have students use different colors to identify each of the five ocean basins when labeling them on the world map
  • Extend learning about longitude and latitude by having students create map scavenger hunts using the coordinates of different locations
Classroom Considerations
  • Note that the third part of this lesson assumes students have prior knowledge about longitude and latitude
  • The lesson is intended to take two 45-minute sessions, but can be combined into a single day depending on your class schedule
  • Lesson includes all supporting materials
  • Included Hawaii presentation is available as a PowerPoint file, allowing teachers to modify it based on the needs of their class
  • Resource offers a link to an interesting time-lapse simulation that shows what the earth would look like without oceans
  • None