Academic Math Vocabulary

The ABCs of math are so important. Find commonly used math terms in a 42-page packet. Each page has the word, a place to write the definition, and a place to give specific examples of the term. A must-have for all math classrooms!

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Instructional Ideas

  • Compile the sheets to make a class set of academic vocabulary booklet for each child to use throughout the year
  • Post one or more of the words 
Classroom Considerations

  • An excellent resource for a variety of math-aged learners
  • Requires a lot of copies; therefore, choose and print the pages that are most useful for your learning situation

  • Allows for a great note-taking sheet or way to introduce a new concept
  • Comes with 26 words to define and write examples of, as well as 16 blank graphic organizers for writing new vocabulary words
  • Words are in alphabetical order

  • None