AdMaker, Nixon vs. Humphrey, “Convention” (1968)

This AdMaker, Nixon vs. Humphrey, “Convention” (1968) lesson plan also includes:

After viewing the infamous 1968 Presidential campaign ad, "Convention," groups use AdMaker to create their own 30 second ad that features Richard Nixon rather than Hubert Humphrey.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Show a segment from "Laugh In," available on the Internet, to establish the context for the "Convention" ad
  • Take a day to introduce AdMaker and have class members practice with the tool
  • Set aside another day to provide class members with historical background information on the 1968 Democratic Convention, the issues that sparked the riots, and the role played by Mayor Daily and the police
Classroom Considerations

  • The seventh in a series of eight resources that examine Presidential campaign commercials from 1952–2012
  • AdMaker requires the installation of Adobe® Flash® Player on class computers

  • The five-page resource includes an overview of the lesson, background information on the "Convention" ad, discussion questions, two activities, a rubric for the ads groups produce, and extension activities

  • Very little context is provided for the images in the "Convention" ad