AdMaker, Obama vs. McCain, “Fundamentals” (2008)

This AdMaker, Obama vs. McCain, “Fundamentals” (2008) lesson plan also includes:

Truth is often left on the cutting room floor when political ads are produced. After viewing the 2012 backfire ad, "Fundamentals" that takes John McCain's comments on the US economy out of context, class groups edit the audio and video to change the ad's argument and emotional impact.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have groups follow the same procedure using current political ads
Classroom Considerations

  • The final resource in a series of eight that examines Presidential campaign commercials from 1952–2012
  • The activity presumes Adobe® Flash® Player and AdMaker have been loaded to class computers, and that students have experience using the tool

  • The five-page packet includes an overview of the project, background information on the "Fundamentals" ad, discussion questions, a rubric for the two activities, and extension activities

  • None