Alliteration Worksheet

Alliteration and imagery are two vital parts of any well-written poem. Encourage your young poets to include these devices with a set of activities designed to get them thinking, writing, and creating.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Have pairs review the two literary concepts together, and to work on their poems together
  • Use the activities in a unit about poetic devices
Classroom Considerations

  • A misplaced space in the description in the word your may affect understanding; clear up the typo before learners begin the assignment
  • Provide more instruction for the final activity on each page, as young poets may need a little more guidance when applying their new knowledge to creative tasks

  • Applicable to any language arts class
  • Provides examples of each device, as well as opportunities for learners to make their own poetry

  • None
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