Analogies 3 (Level 7)

This Analogies 3 (Level 7) worksheet also includes:

Master word analogies with a straightforward exercise. Pupils match word pairs to one another based on the relationships represented in each pair. The learning exercise provides bridge sentences that learners fill out as they determine the relationships between words.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Get your pupils' minds fired up for a day of learning by starting out with this analogy exercise
  • Assign this as a homework assignment
  • Since the exercise does gradually become more difficult, allow learners to support one another by working in pairs
Classroom Considerations

  • The example provided is a bit misleading; the bridge sentences and original analogy do not match up like the rest of the analogies and bridge sentences on the rest of the worksheet
  • This is part of a series of analogy worksheets for middle school

  • Includes a key that shows the answers and explanations for the answers
  • The bridge sentences are a nice support for learners and will help them build strategies for figuring out word relationships in the future

  • None
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