Analyzing a Photograph of a Young American Indian

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A true glimpse of the past, Angelic La Moose smiles back from more than 100 years ago. Young learners examine the picture of a young girl on a Montana Native American reservation from 1913 to comb it for historical details. A form, which is emailed to the teacher, helps class members weigh what historical evidence they glean from the image.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Use the photograph activity to introduce a lesson on Native Americans
  • Offer the photograph to discuss the lives of children in various historical periods
Classroom Considerations
  • Pupils may need background information on Native Americans to interpret the image
  • Scaffolded questions help younger learners build primary source skills
  • Image is engaging and offers many details for analysis
  • Teacher may need to research additional background information, as not much is included with the activity