APIs and Using Functions with Parameters

Introduce your class to the API, a reference guide that lists and explains the functionality of programming language. Using JavaScript, individuals draw complex designs that require additional commands and parameters defined in the API for App Lab. Each pupil then creates a monogram using the new commands.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have individuals create a small reference guide of important information from the documentation for the new commands they learn
Classroom Considerations

  • The coordinates on a screen are not orientated in the same fashion as the coordinates on a graph in math class, (1, 1) is in the upper left, not the bottom left
  • You may want to become familiar with the functions used in the Turtle toolbox in order to help debug code
  • The lesson is the seventh in a series of 10

  • The forum link has examples of actual work created by classes using the lesson
  • The teaching tips provide some hints of what to look for in troubleshooting

  • None