Form well-crafted arguments with the help of an educational video. Fourth graders study various examples of persuasive arguments, including thesis statements and cartoons, and observe the ways that supporting details can enhance the author's point.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Assign to your class before you begin a persuasive writing project
  • Include editorials or other argumentative pieces and ask readers to find pieces of supporting evidence
  • Write persuasive letters to local politicians or administrators about issues your class cares about, formatting the letters with proper support and clear arguments
Classroom Considerations

  • The eighth video in a 10-video series
  • The first forty seconds of the video don't contain a matching visual

  • At just under five minutes, the video is a good addition to your classroom instruction
  • Summarizes the main point of the video at the end

  • Video is not very engaging