Autism iHelp – Opposites

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In/out, up/down, big/small; understanding opposites is a fundamental vocabulary-building skill. This app uses real-life photographs, to introduce the learner to the concept of opposites. Learning opposites is necessary for understanding the concepts of same and different, as well as remembering descriptive words that can be used in conversation. Knowing opposites can strengthen word retrieval and comprehension of all aspects of a vocabulary word or concept.

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App Overview

The app uses photographs of real objects and clear printed words to teach to concept of opposites.

  • Choose to practice using Set A, Set B, Set C, or Set D
  • During practice, two photographs of real-world objects and their opposites are shown
  • The child moves through the entire set of opposites as many times as needed
  • During game play, the child is shown one word and must choose its opposite out of four images
  • Audio accompanies the written form of each question posed
  • An All Opposites Game option is also available
  • The last option mixes and matches all of the opposites from sets A through D
  • Track your child’s progress by accessing the progress report found under Options

 Extra Features:

  • Randomize cards during practice and game play
  • Choose male or female audio
  • Turn audio on or off
  • Turn text on or off
  • Reset progress report


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Instructional Ideas

  • Create large cards using the same images from the app. Have each child hold one of the large cards. Taking turns children can move around the circle and stop when they have found their opposite match.
  • Make a kinesthetic connection by having learners physically show the opposites on the screen
  • Loan the app out to parents whose children need additional practice on understanding opposites


Classroom Considerations

During both the practice and play modes, children cannot progress to the next set of images until they have answered the current set correctly. This means a child may make the same mistake multiple times, which could lead to anxiety or frustration.


  • The opposites are clear and make sense
  • The images relate to real life
  • Game play provides practice
  • The app is easy to use
  • A progress report is available



  • The game and practice portions progress very slowly
  • There is no way to skip to targeted cards the child needs to practice
  • Of the four sets of opposites, only one is free. The other three must be purchased.