Barn Again! Celebrating an American Icon

This Barn Again! Celebrating an American Icon unit also includes:

How do barns serve as a window to a community's past? Here are a series of lessons on the symbolism and historical context of barns throughout American history. Topics include community-building, in-depth primary and secondary source analysis, and a discussion of American symbolism and heritage.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Classroom Considerations

  • Scavenger hunt worksheet was meant to supplement a visit to an exhibition, and therefore won't be applicable to your class
  • Lessons can be separated and do not need to be carried out in succession

  • Fantastic set of materials, including primary source images and texts, activity worksheets, poems, interviews, and other important resources
  • Each lesson in unit includes detailed activity procedures, time frame, and a list of all necessary materials
  • Engaging hands-on and interactive activities

  • None