Bending Fossils: Experiments In Paleontology (Harvard Adventures, Part 3)

How can we bend a fossil? Junior paleontologists explore the joint movements of extinct species in Brain Scoop's Fossils and Geology series. The narrator works with a paleontology curator to show the experiments performed on the skeletons of living mammals and how they compare with the information learned from similar 3-D models of extinct species.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Incorporate the resource into a study of evolution, mammalian anatomy, or fossils
  • Take a deeper look at the uses of 3-D modeling as a means for studying ancient organisms
Classroom Considerations

  • Watch the previous video in the Harvard Adventures series to make sure the class has all of the details about the fisher's anatomy
  • Discuss skeletal system components with younger pupils before viewing

  • Curator gives a clear explanation about how they use the information from both live and 3-D modeling to study the movements of ancient mammals
  • The resource shows a great example of how researchers use computer gaming technology to solve scientific problems

  • None
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