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Berries...With a Side of DNA? (High School)

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Is DNA still present after picking fruit or cooking vegetables? Biology scholars extract and collect DNA strands in an impactful lab. Working groups prepare their samples and compare their results to negative and positive standard samples, then create a scientific argument to explain their theories.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Conduct demonstration extractions on processed plant-based foods like corn chips and have learners tell if they think DNA will be present or not
  • Spend extra time on the pre-lab activities if the class is less familiar with cells and organelles
Classroom Considerations
  • Invest in thicker Ziploc bags, as thin bags may rupture when pupils are mashing their fruit samples

  • Teacher's guide includes all printable materials, answer keys, and clear instructions
  • The procedure is simple and easy to understand and execute
  • Pre-lab assignments provide individuals with an understanding of how scientists use both manual and chemical techniques to remove DNA from the cell 
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