Blank Bar Graph Template

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This template is just begging for your young mathematicians to fill it in with colorful bar graphs! With horizontal and vertical axes in place and grid lines for added support, this is a great resource for teaching children how to visually represent categories of information.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Make copies of this resource available to the class during elementary math lessons on graphing
  • Laminate copies of this document, allowing children to use dry erase markers while practicing making bar graphs
  • Have students come up with a question, collect data, and create a bar graph using this template
Classroom Considerations
  • Save paper by creating two-sided copies of this graph template
  • Template is large, making it easy for children to complete and adaptable for data sets of different sizes
  • Lines are provided for labeling the vertical and horizontal axes
  • Vertical axis includes lines for indicating the scale of the graph
  • None