Building the Basic PVC Wind Turbine

This Building the Basic PVC Wind Turbine lesson plan also includes:

Here is a comprehensive and well-written lesson plan that results in learners building a standard wind turbine. Once built, teens can design a variety of experiments to test different factors. This activity is a noble undertaking that will blow both your class members and the entire school away! Consider making this an Earth Day project for your engineering, physics, or environmental studies classes.

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  • Highly detailed teacher's notes
  • Provides suggestions for where to purchase materials and suggests alternate materials
  • Colored photographs depict what to do at each step of construction
  • An opportunity for an open-ended investigation is presented once the turbine has been constructed
  • Requires an extraordinary amount of materials that can be purchased for about $20.00 per turbine; consider building only one as a class project if cost is a factor