Calculus - Early Transcendentals

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This textbook takes the learner from the basic definition of slope through derivatives, integrals, and vector multivariable calculus. Each section is composed primarily of examples, with theoretical introductions and explanations in between. A full answer key for almost all problems (not just even numbers) is provided, along with an appendix of common formulas from multiple disciplines. The diagrams in each section are of particular note, highly detailed and specific to each concept. A great resource to supplement your current calculus curriculum.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Consider using problems or examples from this text as exam prep where they align with your curriculum
  • For advanced learners, pull chapters or examples to extend learning in lower level classes, particularly the chapters on limits and derivatives when slope and continuity is taught
  • Borrow excellent 3-D geometric renderings and physics diagrams for lower level analysis and examples
Classroom Considerations

  • If using entire chunks of the text in instruction, note that the language of text is definitely that of college-level calculus
  • Note: diagrams, particularly in the multivariable section, are commonly drawn in color—something to consider if you are only able to make black-and-white copies

  • Complete text provided, from title page through index
  • Index is page-linked and searchable
  • Unique and specifically aligned diagrams and examples
  • Solutions provided for most practice problems

  • Several interactive AP links in the text connect to unfinished applets
  • Solutions provided are answers only, not worked problems
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